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10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Written By Denny Farhan on Saturday, May 17, 2014 | 11:04 AM

Well, it is interesting to explain about the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Perhaps, if you are the one who are having the vacation or want to have such fascinating experience of world travelling, this article will definitely explain and share the 10 most beautiful cities followed as:

#1. Venice - Republic of Venice
This city draws the uniqueness. The fresh air while sitting on the edge of river is needed. You may find the old building with unique architecture with the canal which supports the good scenery.

#2. Paris - France
The Eiffel tower is standing in this city. At night, the light flash is spreading in the city. The boat tour along Seine as well as enjoying the sparkling light from the city is good. Located in France, Paris will definitely give you the fascinating experience of travelling.

#3. Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
If you want to look for the unique and various kinds of birds, you may come to Rio de Janeiro. Located in the seaside with the top hills on it, you can enjoy the nature as well from the city. The Jesus statue on the hills may great for the scenery.

#4. Lisbon - Portugal
This city is already known as the most beautiful city since 15th century. The pastel-colored and tidy building was built and beautifies the city as well. You can enjoy the unique scenery from the hills down to the beach side. The hilarious historical architecture is still there on the building for instance.

#5. Rome - Italy
This is the place where the flowered house stands at the Trastevere district. You can find the unique and historical architecture of building in every corner of street inside the city.

#6. Amsterdam - Netherlands
The bridge which built for crossing the canal is beautiful as well. The bikers use the bridge to across the canal. The fascinating building which built alongside the canal draws the unique nuance.

#7. Budapest - Hungary
This city is being split by Danube River as it is divided into two main cities which are Buda and Pest. This historical city is good for travelling as you may find elegant and gothic buildings in the city. The bridge which connects two cities is sparkling when night is coming.

#8. Florence - Italy
The enormous old building and museums are here. The towers and domes will comfort you. Also, the hills scenery draws the natural nuance.

#9. Bruges - Belgium
This small city is unique with its gothic and odd building architecture. The small streets are beautiful. This city is known as the medieval city because of its building.

#10. Prague - Czech
The Old Town Square and Charles Bridge should be visited. The Charles Bridge cut the Vitave River as well. The historical monument buildings will hypnotize your visualization.

The Funny Bitstrips App for Fun Comic Strips Creation

Written By Denny Farhan on Thursday, May 15, 2014 | 6:19 AM

There are more fun applications that anyone can try and use; Bitstrips is a personalized web comic application that any users can create custom strip comic for fun. Apparently; the application is now being very popular and managed to raise $15 million. There are more people creating custom comic strip and post the comic strip at various online sites. The use of large headed character that is commonly mentioned as Me Gusta meme is practically very popular; it’s funny look can be seen at various photo sharing sites like Tumblr or Reddit where people post custom made comic strip with the use of the meme. It is now a very popular drawing and also being the part of the internet popular culture. The Me Gusta meme was first appeared on Rage comics.

The popularity of creating custom strip comic made of personalized objects and photos made the application for creating the custom comic strip like Bitstrips very popular. Apparently; it was Bitstrips that made the personalized comic strip very popular since there are more people using the application for creating their custom comic strips. The little and simple app was capable of raising venture capital with the amount of $15 million; there was $3 million already raised in the December to make the app managed to raise a total of $18 million in only 4 months. Bitstrips was launched in October 2012 and managed to be on the top of the App Store sales rank in only weeks.

Basically; the idea of Bitstrips is creating funny comics from the documented activities of the application’s user. The iPhone and Android users can download the app to start creating the custom comic strips. The app is also available on Facebook that made Bitstrips very popular in the social networking site. Anyone can create characters to represent the user as well as friends and the people around the user to begin creating comic strip about the daily life and activities.

There are 2,000 scenes and even more that the user can choose for creating the custom comic strip situation or lay out. It only requires simple creativity to create funny comic strips about the daily life of certain experiences. The Bitstrips user can post the created comic strip on Facebook as well as on other photo sharing sites. The ability to customize the comic strip with unique and customized characters made Bitstrips can assist anyone creating funny comic strips and share them with everyone.

Should You Enroll Your Children this Year?

Written By Denny Farhan on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 | 5:15 PM

Your children are very precious for you. For you, who have toddlers, you must start thinking about their education. It is true that education is very important for your preschool children. Many parents think that the earlier they enroll their children to preschool is the better. It is because they think that it is the golden age for their children to learn new things. However, this idea is not always suitable for every toddler. There are things to consider when you are going to enroll your children to a preschool.

Before, you start to think about these considerations, you must understand what a preschool is and how it is beneficial for your three-year-old children. Preschool helps your children to socialize. They will be able to get along with their peers. In consequence, they will have better communication skill. Preschool will also help your children to be successful in the later education levels. They will likely graduate from high school and go to college. Preschool also helps children to understand that learning is fun. It does not mean that they will have excellent academic skills. But it helps them know about their daily life and environment better.

Now that you know more about preschool, you can start to consider whether you are going to enroll your children this year or not. First of all, you must find out whether your children are pretty independent or not. Some of the independent skill that a preschool requires are that your children are potty trained, can wash their own hands, sleep alone, and eating without help. If your children have no these basic skill yet, you must train them first and enroll them to preschool later.

Secondly, you must remember whether your children have spent time away from you. Children who are taken care by caregivers or a babysitter will likely face no problems in attending preschool. However, if you are the one who take care of your children, you may make some adjustment. Therefore, they can attend the preschool with little problem. One of the adjustment that you can do is that let them spend the weekend with their grandparents or aunts.

Another thing that you must consider is that whether your children can work individually on their projects. Some of the preschool projects that will be done by your children are coloring, drawing, or doing puzzle. If your children cannot do one of them or do not like it yet, you must stimulate your children so that they will like it and enjoy doing it.

Chocolate for Your Diet Supplement

 Chocolate has sweet taste that makes people like to eat that. However, this sweet taste and high calories make many people avoiding this sweet food because they worrying of being fat. But how they know that eating chocolates can make your body bigger and fat? If you want to know more, you’d better read this further more. Chocolate contain more calories than the other foods, if you can control your intake calories from the other food, chocolate can be your dietary food that will work out for losing weight. This condition happens because the calories in chocolate will make your body metabolism going harder and they will offset the fat in your body. The certain ingredient in chocolates has metabolic effect that good for slimming supplement because this has neutral calorie.

How to get chocolate as your dietary food in correctly? First of all, you need to understand that when you want to get chocolate as your dietary food, you must consider for the calories intake from chocolate that you have been eat not the amount of the chocolate you eat. This is important when you want to use it to get impact on your weight. After that, when you have get this chocolate, you need to consider to the product you consume, the calories intake when you are eating dark chocolate and chocolate bar may varies because the ingredient added to the product. The chemical ingredients in chocolate have proven can fasten the body metabolism that will make people can burn the fat in their body.

The epicatechin that contained in chocolate has proved boost the mitochondria amount than is functioned to energy power cells that will burn fat in your body. Mitochondria in chocolates will burn fat and the calories intake in your body. By combining with exercises and appropriate diet with chocolate you also get other benefits for your body. Chocolate contain antioxidant that will keep your health and beauty. Chocolate can reduce your blood pressure, improve daily mood, reduces the heart disease and stroke risk. Chocolates will restore the artery flexibility to prevent the white cells from sticking the blood walls. By consuming appropriate chocolates suit with your ages and weight, you can get the maximum benefits from consuming chocolates. So many benefits can use for beauty and health. Use chocolate for your mask and you can get your firm skin and smooth. They work together to make the body system and metabolism work well and fast to burn fat and lose your weight.

Phenomena of Blackberry Messengers Is Not Over Yet

When Blackberry released that they will launch their Blackberry Messenger for android and iOS in October, there is a craziest in the android users that race to download the software in apps store. There is a argument that when Blackberry release their private messaging to androids, till hunting the application of BBM for Androids and his means that the era of BBM prestige has been over. But it is a wrong opinion because many people still hunting the application and download it in the apps store. Blackberry for long time after it has been released for the first time has been characterized as private, style and elegant. But when it has released the private message between the users for android and iOS, the messenger is not private anymore. The phenomena of Blackberry Messenger have been spread out and make people want to get the phenomena to follow the latest trend BBM for android.

To expand the service, Blackberry also releases BBM for PC users. This makes people who use internet on their PC can download the BBM for PC. If android user and iOS can download the application in the apps store, for BBM for PC, the user just need to following the easy way to install the BBM for PC by using the bluestack or Genymotion software. First of all, you need to download the bluestack or Genymotion software from the internet and install it. After that download the BBM apk file and double click on the bbm.apk file and wait for bluestack install the BBM for PC on your computer. The followed step for installing BBm for PC is different from Bluestacks and Genymotion. When you download with Genymotion for our BBM of PC, you need to create an account sign up. When you have install it in your computer, open the generator and sign in to the Genymotion cloud. Click to the virtual device you installed and download the BBM for PC.

Whenever, the appearance of this BBM installed in your PC may be differ as suit as your windows installed. You need to ensure that the installed software you download is compatible with your computer. The application for BBM on PC will be available for any types of some processor. You can choose from BBM for windows XP, Mac, 7/8. This will become your new way to connect with other BBM for PC user. You can contact your BBM contact and get fun with the featured available in the messenger.

New Profile Layout Tested by Twitter and the Removal of Direct Message Feature

Twitter is one of the popular sites where people can connect and interact with the other Twitter users. Most people prefer to mention Twitter as micro blogging site rather than a social networking site, but there are things in common like the way Twitter can connect people and provide the media to interact and share information as well as meet new people. Apparently; Twitter is testing several design tweaks related to the new layouts for the mobile Twitter application. Most of the new design tweaks are having streamlined and cleaner appearance that look different from the present Twitter profile layout.

There are new placement setups like the profile photo and the header image; the differences are on the size of the photo profile and the header image as well as on the placement of the photo. One of the new Twitter profile layout being tested is having similar look with the current Facebook profile page layout as well as the Google+. The idea to create highlighted tweets and the card content with grid style arrangement made the tested profile layout has different appearance with the present top feed profile layout. Since the new Twitter profile layout was only being tested; it is unsure that the Facebook look alike profile page will be the chosen new Twitter profile page layout.

Another slight, but drastic change on the Twitter profile page layout and the feature is the removal of the direct messaging policy. There was a policy to receive direct message from the followers, but the feature is apparently removed. It is probably one of the experiments conducted by Twitter to improve their services to be more comfortable and also more secure for the users. There is also the possibilities to add new features that are never released as part of the experiment.

The processes of the experiment may affect the performance as well as the appearance of the current Twitter profiles and features. Some of the Twitter users are reporting that they see and use some of the tested features, but the others are cannot see and use the features. It is also believed that Twitter is about to improve the direct messaging feature for more comfortable connection among the users. The competition among social networking sites made the companies needs to improve and create changes to bring more useful features that the users can optimize and use.

Safety Tips for Children and Teenagers when Using Internet

Internet is offering various opportunities as well as solutions for various problems. On the other hand; internet is also delivering more risks for the internet users. It is important to understand internet security to prevent any damage or loss caused by internet related activities. There are several tips that can be very essential for the internet users especially for the beginners. Children and teenagers who are accessing and using internet should have the skill and information about how to stay safe while doing internet activities.

One of the most important considerations for the beginner internet users is about revealing personal information. It is not recommended to reveal the personal information without the permission from the parents. It is important not to share the last name, address, school and also telephone number. Those information can be very useful to track the location and other personal information that can increase the risks for the young internet users like children and teenagers. Screen name is another important thing to consider and carefully manage; it is important to create screen name without the revealing personal information like the last name and birth date information. The combination of last name and birth date information can provide more than enough information to track other information like address, school and even the information about parents.

Password management is one of the most important things that every internet user should understand. Parents should tell their children about the importance of managing and securing the password. It is important to never share the password information with the other people, but the parents. It is also important to properly log out any accounts when accessing the account from public computers. It is important to ensure that the account is already logged out before leaving the computer or terminal.

Managing the photo publishing is another important thing to consider; it is recommended not to share any photos without the permission of the parents. Photos and videos can provide information about various things like address, school and also the information about parents. Online friends from social networking sites should be carefully managed; every children and teenager should ask their parents when meeting new online friends. It is possible that some people pretend to be the people that they actually are not. Another important thing is about online ads; it is not recommended to purchase things from online ads without the permission from the parents. It is also recommended to ask the parents when downloading or opening any attachment from unknown online sources.

10 Greatest Military Squads in the World

Written By Denny Farhan on Sunday, May 11, 2014 | 5:29 PM

Each country in this world has its own military squad or also known as special force. These Special Forces have their own purposes and use special technique. The special forces is the warrior of the warriors. They are highly selected and trained hard with capabilities above the regular unit. Special forces are also well-equipped with highest readiness for combat deployment anytime they are needed. This article will show you ten greatest military squads in all over the world. Those squads are rated the best based on its reputation based on its capabilities and its success through various combat duties.

#1. The first military squad that is considered as one of the greatest squads is Russian Spetsnaz. This military squad is often compared with US Green Beret. The members of Spetsnaz are trained really hard by using methods that might be dangerous. They not only have great combat skills but also have high brainpower as well. This Russian elite force is based on the special force during the Soviet era and throughout years, it has been deployed in many missions. Rumor has it that spetsnaz is also playing in today’s Ukraine crisis.

#2 The next military squad that is considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world is French Naval Commandos. This squad is considered as one of the greatest military squads in French and the members of this squad have very great skills as well, whether in combat or in espionage.

#3 US Marsoc is the next military squad that is considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world. Main missions of this military squad are including special surveillance, direct actions, and internal defenses. Each member of Marsoc is trained to learn various types of martial arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Wing-Chun, or even Pankration.

#4 From England, MI-6 is considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world. You might know this military squad from famous movie about MI-6 agent, James Bond. This military squad is the best espionage squad in England. They usually work together with other squad which is known as MI-5.

#5 US Army Rangers is also considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world. They trainings are including elite combative, mountain combat, diving, and weapon qualification training.

#6 US Army Green Beret is the next squad that is considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world. This squad has been active in various special missions in various conflicts all around the world. The members of this squad master various skills, including physical durability, intelligence, teamwork, and communication.

#7 The Delta Force, one of the greatest military squads in the world, is the type of military squad which is specially formed to handle various critical situations such as hostage situation and demonstration.

#8 Shayetet 13 is military squad from Israel that is also considered as one of the greatest military squads in the world. A country surrounding by enemies, Israel do really need special force with best capabilities. This squad is trained to use the most effective methods to eliminate the enemy and its reputation is considered legendary in special force’s community.

#9 Another squad in this list are Navy SEAL. The name comes from Sea, Air, and Land, showing that this elite US. Navy special warfare force has combat capabilities in all area. They are sailors trained with advanced warfare skills and strategy. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, Seals has been successfully executed various combat missions. Many SEAL’s operators achieved medals for their dedication including the most respected Purple Heart and Medal of Honor.

#10 British SAS. Both of these squads have great ability in combat situation and espionage. This Squad’s reputation is dating back from World War II era. The most elite squad in UK’s armed forces, They are well trained and have been deployed in various combat missions from tropical jungle of Borneo to Afghanistan’s dessert.

10 World’s Wealthiest People in 2014

Written By Denny Farhan on Friday, May 9, 2014 | 9:10 AM

There are so many businessmen and the owner of company that live in the world. Some of them are very rich and considered as the richest men in the world. However, the list of the richest men in the world might change from time to time since some of these richest men will become less rich due to various factors. In 2014, there are new list that show ten wealthiest people in the world. These people came from various countries and run various types of business.

# The first man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world is Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft, one of the biggest software companies in the world. In 2014, the wealth of Bill Gates reaches US$ 76 billion in total. Gates is no strange for this rank. This year is like a comes back for him as he has been in top of the rank for years before Carlos Slim took it over in 2010-2013. Gates isn’t only famous for his wealth but also for its philanthropic activities.

# The next man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world is Carlos Slim Helu. He is known as the owner of telecommunication business which is also considered as one of the biggest companies in the world. The wealth of Carlos Slim Helu reaches US$ 72 billion in 2014. This year, he must give up the rank to Gates after 4 years on top.

# Armancio Ortega is also known as one of the richest men in the world. In 2014, the total of Armancio Ortega’s wealth reaches US$ 64 billion. The source of his wealth is retail business with ZARA as his flagship brand and his biggest goldmine. His book titled From Zero to Zara is also very successful. This year, he maintains in the third rank of top wealthiest people just like 2013.

# The next man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world is Warren Buffett. It is no secret that his name is on the list. Buffest has been on the list for many years and even he ever crowned as world’s wealthiest people in 2008. Warren Buffett is the owner of a company named Berkshire Hathaway. From his business, Warren Buffett collect US$ 58.2 billion in 2014. He isn’t only known as the most successful investor in 20th century but his business philosophy inspires many people to follow his lead.

# Larry Ellison is other man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world. In 2014, the wealth of Larry Ellison reaches US$ 48 billion which he achieved from his company, Oracle.

# Charles Koch is the next man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world. He run investment business and gain US$ 40 billion total wealth from the business.

# David Koch, other businessman who runs investment business also has the same wealth with Charles Koch.

# Sheldon Adelson is other man who is considered as one of the richest men in the world. In 2014, his wealth which came from casino business reaches US$ 38 billion in total.

# Christy Walton is also considered as one of the richest men in the world with US$ 36.7 billion in total which is achieved from Wal-Mart. Her wealth is also coming from her shares in First Solar. Walton is also famous for her philanthropic initiatives.

# Last man on this list is Jim Walton with total US$ 34.7 billion in 2014. You must be very familiar with Wal Mart and even often shop there. This one is the man who owns Wal Mart and also the one behinds its great success. This year’s ranking is slightly down from 7th rank in 2013.

10 Most Ferocious Animals in the World

Written By Denny Farhan on Monday, May 5, 2014 | 9:49 AM

There are so many types of animals that live in this world. Some animals could be found easily around your house while some others might be quite rare. Just life human, animals have various types of characteristics. Some animals might be quite tame while some others are wilder instead. This article will give you details about Ten most ferocious animals that live in the world.

#1. The first animal that is known for its ferocity is Tiger Shark. This type of shark is known as one of the most aggressive sharks that live I the ocean. It will eat anything from shoes to plate. Sometimes, Tiger Shark will attack people who are diving as well. This animal is the one inspiring the successful suspense thriller movies of Jaws.

#2. The next animal that is known for its ferocity is pig. Even though pig is one of domestic animals, this animal is known for its high appetite. Pig will eat almost anything that it found and sometimes will attack human as well. Believe me, dealing with angry hungry pig is the last thing you’ll ever want.

#3. Vulture is the next animal that is known for its ferocity. Vulture might not attack human. However, this type of bird will eat carcass of dead animals. If you travel and you have dehydration, vultures will wait until you passed out and they will eat you after that. This animal presence is often associated with the sign of death.

#4. Tasmanian devil is other animal that is known for its ferocity. This animal could eat in high speed and will eat almost anything. They might not attack human but if you try to get too close to them, they might attack you in group. The endemic animal of Tasmania Island in southern side of Australia is misrepresented by Disney’s character of Tasmanian devil. The real one in the wildlife is much dangerous that that cure Disney’s monster.

#5. The next animal that is known for its ferocity is vampire bats. This type of bat usually attack calf and cow. They will suck the blood of other animals until it’s dried out. Vampire bats also attack human as well. Don’t get wrong. This kind of bad won’t be transformed into a handsome vampire like the one from Twilight. This bad is nothing but trouble.

#6. Snakes are also considered as animal with high ferocity. There are various types of snake that might danger you. Some snakes use their poison to attack other animals or human while others might convolute their enemy until they break the bones. Other types of snake won’t bite, but will wind the prey to crush the bones and makes the prey dead of losing breath.

#7. Argentinian wide-mouthed frog is also considered as animal with high ferocity as well. This type of frog will eat anything but rarely attack human. Just take a look at the picture and you will know why you must avoid this creature.

#8. Blue whale is the next animal that is known for its ferocity. Blue whale is known as one of the animals that are ferocious on the sea besides sharks. Sometimes, blue whale will attack the divers and might cause some serious injuries. Blue Whale is very huge that she can hit her body to the ship causing fatal damages.

#9. Tiger is also known as ferocious animals as well. They are quite calm but might attack human if they feel threatened. One of the deadliest predators in tropical jungle, Tiger hunts independently and very agile. Once she hunts her prey, it is very difficult for the prey to get out.

#10. Lion is the last one on this list. Lion seems calm but they will attack human if they feel threatened. Known as the ruler of the savanna, lions are hunting in pack making the prey difficult to get free. Strong jaw with sharp teeth will bring horror to any creature.

Those are ten most ferocious animals that live in the world.
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