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Online Degree vs. Campus Degree

Written By Denny Farhan on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | 9:34 PM

Education surely becomes very important thing for modern people because education will influence their life a lot. Without proper education, people will not be able to increase their life quality in various aspects including the money. It is sure that with the support of higher education degree, they will be able to get more money than other people who have lower education. Education is necessary for winning the competition in current world which is very strict. Nevertheless, there are so many reasons which make people have to consider their plan about taking the higher education. Time and money maybe becomes the biggest reason which makes people cannot pursue their higher education. Nowadays people are offered with higher education with simpler method. With the internet used widely nowadays also people are offered with great advantage because they are offered with online degree program.

Online degree program offer can be found easily on the internet recently. Nevertheless, we can make sure that many people still have a great doubt about choosing online degree or campus degree program for their higher education. Campus degree program is still the primary method to impart the knowledge and also prepare students for better career in the future. Nevertheless, online degree program becomes strong alternative recently. Before people can make a choice, they should consider about the cost factor. They have to understand and compare the payment for these two options. People think that online course can be cheaper than the college course but they can find the online course which is more expensive than the regular college course. Next thing which people have to consider is the difficulty level between online degree and college degree. Because internet is identical with instant method, people think that taking higher education from the internet will be easier. However, people have to understand that online education is not ideal option for everyone. People have to be responsible with their very own education if they choose online education.

People also have to consider about the learning source between the online degree and college degree. Although online program tries to offer students with as much support for learning source as possible, the offer of online degree is still lack of support compared with campus degree program. It can offer 24/7 support but there is limited reference materials in online library. Other things which people must not ignore are the faculty quality as well as the networking access of online degree which is as not much as the college degree program.

How to Organize Your Personal Finance in Good Way

Money is a tool to get all things that we want. We will not be able to get money in easy way. People must work so hard every day when they want to get money. Most people need to work day and night to get money. That is why when you have money you must be able to organize and manage your money. You should not waste your money for unimportant thing because when you are lack of money, you will be in trouble. It is time for you to know how to organize personal finance in good way. You can do some steps below and you will get benefits of doing some tips here.

First you need to know your income amount. You can write your income and then you can make a list of your outcome or all things that you must buy every month. It helps you to always control your outcome in easy way. When you don’t have enough budget then you must select all important things to buy first and then replace less important things to buy in the future time.

Second, you need to have a finance goal for yourself. People can’t manage their money in good way because they don’t have clear goal. You can make a goal such as money for buying home, money for investment and money for other things. It will help you to save your money and in the same time you will be able to organize your money in wise way.

Third, you need to pay off debt soon. When you have debt and you think that you suffer with your debt, you need to save your money to pay the debt. Debt will become your nightmare when you never pay your debt. You will increase your debt because you always pay high interest each month. It is time for you to control your debt by paying your debt on time.

Fourth, it is important for you to use your assets that you have for earning bigger money in the future time. When you have money it is good to use your money for buying investment such as gold. It helps you to get profit and you will be able to develop your money. You will be able to follow investment but you must be careful in choosing the real investment offer. When you can do some tips above you can use your money effectively and then have a safe finance.

Your Personal Life Shares in Networking

Living apart from your family may be makes you miss them or you want to know about their last activity. When they are separate from you, you can get their last activity by joining the social media that allow you to share with your beloved one such as friends and relatives family to know what are you going to be and your last special moments. You can use some social media that provide with shares content available such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google docs, and the last is Path. These social media allowed you to share your files such as photo and video by using internet connection. However, when you are shares your files, there is any worrying that these files are used by irresponsible person to use it for something wrong. If this happen, you need to use a trusted social media for sharing your file as safe as you want.

For you who love to shares your personal life in social media but has a little worry when you are sharing your files, there is a trusted place to share your personal life in social media, Path. Path offer you a whole control for controlling your share content and people who have right to share it. Path designed with easy, simple, beautiful design to maintain your files. This is a right place for sharing your unforgettable and beautiful moment with our family that separated in other side place. The design featured in Path has created to make the application worked by detailed design and it has make by accurate consideration for each elements. The feature includes in path such as inner circle, messaging, and post shares.

The inner circle will allow you to control who can see the post you have made whether it just a status, photo, and video. You can post your moment and share it with your special and closest friends. To connect with your friends, you can send you friends with text message, voice, and stickers. You can express you feeling and yourself by using this feature. When you post something, you can share it with your Facebook account, Twitter, Foursquare, tumbler or just appear on your path account. With this control, you can post your files in safe and secure way. To get your Path, you can download it and install it on your device such as android, iPhone, iPad, and kindle fire. You can connect with your path in every where you has been.

Sea Turtle: Loveable Animal

Well, in this article, we will explain and share the information of sea turtle which has become the most loveable animal in the world. Before talking about the sea turtle, we might start from the various animals within sea that is needed to be conserved. The main reason why some animals need to be conserved is because its scarcity. Some animals were caught due to its valuable capacity. For instance, we might find that shark is the most targeted animal because it can give many advantages for the fisherman. First, the meat can be cooked for meal as well. The shark meat is delicious to be cooked by frying and soup as well. Secondly, the shark’s fin is needed because of its nutritious contains. It has many vitamins and minerals that are needed for human body. Therefore, the shark fin is being targeted as the most valuable part of shark itself. Finally, shark is also being caught because of its jaw’s bone. Some bone collector love to have the jaw to be attached on their wall as well.

But, sometimes, some people cannot really think why sea turtle is being conserved as well. The fact shows that the amount of sea turtle is declining year by year. Some oceanology researchers find the fact that the reproduction of sea turtle is being disturbed by human. The rebirth of sea turtle needs beach for sure. The mother of sea turtle crawls to the shore to lay the eggs. After that, the sea turtle will hatch the eggs until it comes out. After that, the sea turtle baby will crawl to the water as well. But then, the hatching process of sea turtle eggs may be disturbed by human who live in the beach. For instance, while the hatching process is beginning, some people play around the sand where the baby was being hatched. Therefore, the process of egg’s hatching is being intervened. In result, the baby sea turtle is not hatch. That is the reason why the amount of sea turtle is small.

The Body Structure of Sea Turtle
The sea turtle is the most loveable animal within the ocean because of its body structure. Well, the sea turtle is not similar with the freshwater turtle which has feet to crawl fast. The sea turtle only has the flap feet which effectively used for swim fast. Also, if the freshwater turtle can hide its body in the shell, the sea turtle cannot do it. It is because their head cannot be retracted behind. Also, the sea turtle has the sharper nose than the freshwater turtle. Nowadays, there are seven types of sea turtle lives in the sea. Some of its various are loggerhead, green, leatherback, hawksbill, Australian flatback, Kemp’s ridley, and olive ridley.

Protection of Sea Turtle
The uniqueness is in how the female sea turtle lays its eggs. They need to dig the cavity to hide the eggs as well. The female sea turtle will use the hind flippers to dig deeply. The other facts which you have to know are that the lack of sea turtle amount is caused by the natural predation as well. Some land animals such as raccoons and ghost crabs can break up the eggs before it hatches out. Nowadays, there are already many conservation institutions which protect the rebirth process of sea turtle as well. Those institutions have built its foundation in the Australia’s shore as well. Therefore, if you are interested to conserve and care to the sea turtle, you might work to the institution as well. It is good for those who protect the nature as well as protecting the ecosystem of Mother Earth. Being good to the nature is being good to the life future as well.

The Best Directory Submission Sites List with High Page Rank

Written By Denny Farhan on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 9:11 PM

One of the techniques that you must understand in strengthening your position in the search engines is to do directory submission. Directory submission sites list is a list that contains a wide range of sites that allow you to register your blog to the website. In order for your site to get a better page rank, then enter it to websites that have high rank and is already very well known by the search engines. By submitting your website and then you will get a lot of benefits that you might not think of before. Some of the advantages you can get among other things:

• Provide a one way backlink
• Free traffic
• Get additional keyword
• Get traffic that matches the target

When you do link exchanges with other the website or web 2.0 sites list you have, you must put up a link from the website, and this is commonly called a two way backlinks. If you submit to websites directory, you do not need to insert the back links from the website on your website and this is what is called one way backlinks. Of course one way backlink is much better than two way backlinks.

By signing up to the directory submission sites list, you can get free traffic, because by registering your website into a website directory, you will get additional free traffic without charge or free. Although there are a few websites which is not free if you want to join, but the free directory website is not inferior to that of paid. Here are the best directory submission sites:

Click here to see complete list.

When you register your website to a directory, you can enter the title of your website according to the keyword you are targeting. Your website titles here do not need to be the same as the original website. You can replace it became nicer by adding some keyword variations. Visitors who are interested in topics and keywords that you write can also subscribe to your site via rss feed sites list.

When you register your website in directory submission sites list, you must select the right category to promote your site on those directories so that visitors who come to your site through the website directory are mostly correspond to the categories that you have entered on the site. By improving your writing skills, your blog traffic will increase exponentially.

Easy Steps to Register in Directory Submission Sites List

Have you already known about web directory? Unlike a search engine, a directory is a website that has a link order which are classified into various categories and sub-categories. Currently search engines still use the backlinks of web directory as a consideration to rank a website, especially if the backlink is coming from the authority site. One of the most famous directory submission sites list is is one of directory submission sites list that relies on human to review all of the websites that are coming in, so the quality is maintained. is also used by Google to make Google directory. The structure and the list of websites in the Google directory are similar to that in the Therefore if you have a website, do not forget to submit to

From the many directory submission sites list, pay attention to the language used on the site. If the web directory is written in English, then the site you register must also use the same language. The following are the steps to submit blog to

• Go to
• Select a category that suits the theme of your blog
• Then select the sub category
• Click on suggest URL at the top of the menu
• Enter your blog's data as requested in blog description menu
• If all stages are completed, you have finished the registration on

We usually have to manually do submit a link to web directory. The link will get approval manually by the webmaster, so it gives more points to the search engine rank from the off page result. Other benefits include a link of your website in the web directory is that your link will be indexed by search engines quickly. When a robot of search engines crawls the internet to get a new link, they start to browse the web directory and index all existing links in the directory first before explore rss feed sites list.

In addition, every time a new search engine launched, they automatically through a web directory and index links which are already validated. This can save time compared to submit links to various search engines. You do not need to maintain the directory sites like dummy blog in web 2.0 sites list since there have been already administrators on the web directory. The only thing you should do is registering and submitting your link according to the suitable categories.

Solve basic trigonometry problems easily with the help of these tips

Written By Denny Farhan on Thursday, July 3, 2014 | 1:49 PM

Many people believe that mathematics is a very complicated subject and it is true as well in some cases. But because of this belief many time people do not try to solve basic trigonometry problems as well and that why they find no solution for their trigonometry problems. In case you also need to solve some basic trigonometry problems, then following are some tips that can help you in this particular requirement.

Do not fear: You cannot achieve the success without putting some efforts for this That's why it is necessary that if you want to be good in this subject then you need to stop fearing. Once you will have no fear for the mathematics then you can start dealing with basic trigonometry problems and then you can go ahead for bigger problems. Also, when you will have no fear with subject then you will be able to solve the problem in a more confident manner as well.

Pay attention in class: Many time students do pay the attention in the class because they do not like the subject. If you are doing this, then you need to understand that you are increasing your problems only Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you pay full attention in your class and if you feel something is going over your head then feel free to ask questions from your teacher. With this method you will be able to solve your basic trigonometry problems in a very easy manner and you will have a strong base for tough questions as well.

Know your formulas: In order to solve any trigonometry problem you may need one or more than one formula. So, make sure you pay good attention on the formulas as well and you try to memorize as many formulas as possible for you When you will remember these formulas, then you will have a better chance of solving your advance and basic trigonometry problems and these formulas will help you I your higher classes as well.

Practice: This is a well known fact that practice makes you perfect and this rule is applicable for basic trigonometry problems as well In order to solve all the trigonometry problems you should do a lot of practice and you should try to solve the problem with more accuracy in less time In this approach you may get failure in the beginning, but you need to stay focused on it and when you will give some time and effort in it, then soon you will be able to solve the problems without any problem. So, make sure you keep practicing for solving your mathematics problems. In addition to this, it is also suggested that you do the practice on paper because if you will do it in your mind then you may not get the effective result from it Also, when you do practice then try solve similar problem for few time so you can get good command on it Other than this we also recommend you to use good quality approved calculator because it can also help you in solving a lot of basic trigonometry problems in easy manner.

Written By: Jazz Lee

Sea Sponge: Animal or Plant?

Written By Denny Farhan on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 | 1:50 AM

Well, in this article, we will definitely explain the scientific discussion regarding to the coral seas. Before start explaining the coral seas, we will start from the discussion of the various creatures beneath surface and sea land. In the ocean, we might find various creatures which are bio-plants and fish. Even, you can find the mollusca creatures which do not have any structure within their body. Firstly, we might find many fishes inside the sea. You can find the smallest until the biggest size of fish. Well, for the small one, you can find the clown fish as well. Perhaps, you can find such fish in the reef. You can also find the others as well. Then, you can also find the mid-size fish such as spearfish, tuna, and barracuda. But, this kind of fish is dangerous as well as in the group amount. Finally, you might find the king sea which is the whale. Its size is really huge as it becomes the king of ocean. Overall, this kind of creature has its structure within the body. So, it is categorized as the sea animal.

The other creature is sea plant. Perhaps, if you ever eat nori from Japan, it is the food where produced from the sea weed which is one of sea plants as well. There are also some others sea plant that modify to become food and sometimes give good healthiness for human body. But, there are also various plants which cannot be categorized as sea plants and at the same time cannot been categorized as coral. One of the examples for these kinds of plants is Sea Sponge. But, the uniqueness comes from the unavailable of brain and central nervous system within its body structure.

The Unique Animal in Sea

Well, the sea sponge is an animal which substrates its body within the ocean floor and in the solid location. This animal is passive as well as do not move its body from the substrate. This kind of animal is being covered with the dark skin. It aims to protect its inner body from the fish. The skin is hard as well as smoothies. But, some people try to categorize this kind of animal as plants because of its form. It looks like a sea flower with the beautiful color. This kind of unique animal use the respiratory system to obtain food. This animal eats by filtering the plankton and some organic particles. It uses the tiny pores on the skin. This pore is also used to absorb the oxygen and nourishment to revitalize the natural skin and its inner body system. The important thing that you have to note is this animal does not even have the structure within their body.

Sea Sponge for Commercial

Well, the sad news that you have to hear is regarding to the commercial activity which involve the sea sponge. As the sea sponge is beautiful with its shiny and smooth skin, this kind of animal is being capture to be sold to the customers. It uses for decorating or become the ornament in the house. But, you do not have to be afraid of the scarcity of sea sponge. It is because the animal can be harvested frequently regarding to its re-grow ability. It is known as the one of renewable resources in the sea. As it uses the buddy system of re-growing, it can spread around the source. The thing is you have to harvest it carefully to not break the root of substrate. Nowadays, there are already 5,000 of sea sponges within the world sea as well. So, make sure we use the nature efficiently for human needs.

Exoskeleton: New Discovery

Well, in this article, we would like to talk about the development of technology innovation within the world. Meanwhile, technology has become the most important aspect of human life which really determines the existence of human life. Nowadays, the nature has grown to attack human. The global climate has come from disasters. Sometimes, the development of human life is like a vicious cyclical which drive human to the pitfalls of life. But, technology can also give the positive benefit to people life as well. For instance, people cannot communicate rapidly with siblings, relatives, or friends without the innovation of mobile technology. People also cannot move fast from one place to other place with the innovation of car, motorcycle, plane, or the others vehicle as well. Therefore, it is necessary for human to develop the technology to support their life as well as discovering the new technological platform.

The Limitation of Physical Ability

As human is an organic creature, humans are also has their weakness. Sometimes, some accidents or even the natural disaster can give bad impact to human life. For instance, if you are the one who live in village and being impact by landslide, it will injure your body as well. It can break your legs or feet at that time. Perhaps, the surgery which cost you highly will give the cure for your injury. But, the amputation might be occurred when the doctor suggest it. It is because the revitalization of body cell cannot always occur. The damage within cell can give the impact of cell’s inability to revitalize as well. Therefore, people need the assistance of technology. They need to develop the useful technological stuff which can be used to help people because of its disability.

Exoskeleton: New Discovery for Human

Well, the exoskeleton is the new technological wear stuff which very useful for human life. People with the disability might be helped because of the emergence of this technological stuff. This technology is built with the wear-suit form which can be worn to the human body. For instance, if someone is feeling paralyzed, they can use this stuff for helping them walking. Why it can occur in that way? Firstly, this technology is built with the mind-control technology. Therefore, if people are paralyzed which damage their bodies they can still control the suit with their mind. The detector is created with the sensitive sensor that can detect the temperature within the mind. So, if you think that way, the suit will move that way either.

This kind of suit is already promoted in the movie. If you ever seen the Ironman, therefore you will see Tony Stark control the suit as well. Even, in the movie, the exoskeleton is being created with some weapon and power to support the battle. But then, the most important thing from the emergence of this technology is its usefulness. The people with disability physically can do the normal activities as well as walking in normal way. Nowadays, there comes some news that informs the development of this wear suit from the US military. This technology will be transform by the government for military usage as well as for the soldier. Perhaps, this innovation can increase the military capability of US.

This technology is sold with the expensive price. It is being sold approximately worth $150,000. If you want to have such technology, you have to obtain the permit from government as well. It is because this technology can be used as the weapon at the same time. So, to prevent the misuse of this technology, the permit must be had by people. Thanks to the technology which very useful for human life present and future.

New Evidence to Moon Formation Theory

The creation of universe holds a lot of mysteries that have yet to be solved. Scientists come and go with new theories or new evidences regarding various things in the solar system. The moon is one thing that intrigues many scientists. There are many theories of how the moon was formed. Amongst those theories, one theory suspects that moon was formed by a collision of earth and astronomical object in size of a planet approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Most of scientists in planetary science believe that moon was formed from this impact billions years ago. This astronomical object in a size of planet is named Theia by the scientists.

There are reasons behind this theory and evidence has been found through researches. New evidence found by scientists supports the theory even further. The new evidence is about the ratios of isotopes. The evidence is found by studying the ratios between isotopes of titanium, silicon, oxygen and the others. The various ratios of isotopes will be varied throughout solar system. However, there is a close similarity found in earth and moon. It conflicted with the theoretical models of collision that gives a hint to the possibility of moon mostly come from Theia, and thus expected to have different composition from earth.

Now, Dr. Daniel Herwartz leads a group consisted with German researchers to study furthermore the possibility of Moon to come from Theia. The team used the more refined techniques in order to compare the 170/160 ratios in the lunar samples. The lunar samples used by the team arrived on earth from meteorites. However, these samples has exchanged isotopes with earth’s water, there is a search for the fresher samples. These fresher samples are provided by NASA and shipped along the missions of Apollo 11, 12 and 16. These samples show the 170/160 in higher levels than the samples found around the earth.

The differences are actually small and quite difficult to be detected but those differences exist. That was what Dr. Herwartz stated. From this founding alone, there are two things to be studied further. The first thing is supporting the theory of collision furthermore. There are enough reasons for that. The second thing is about a new knowledge of Theia’s geochemistry. It seems like Theia actually has the E-type chondrites that many scientists know. If this is something true, scientists will be able to predict the composition of geochemical and also isotope of moon because the moon we know now is the mixture of earth and Theia.

The next goal for the scientists has been set. It is to find out more about the composition of moon. How much material comes from Theia and how much material comes from earth? In most models of moon, the estimation of moon composition will be around 70% to 90% moon composition comes from Theia. Meanwhile, earth may have about 30% to 10% material in moon composition. In some models, it is argued about the amount of Theia is might be as little as 8% in the composition of moon. However, the new data brought by Dr. Herwartz suggest that there is a possibility of 50:50 in the moon composition. However, this will still need to be studied further.

The team of scientists used the more advanced preparation technique for samples before finally come to measure the samples by using the stable mass spectrometry of isotope ratio. It shows the difference of 12 part per one million found in 170/160 ratio of earth and moon. It is interesting to find out more and study about the theory of the moon composition further.

The Science Fact of Tears

Written By Denny Farhan on Thursday, June 26, 2014 | 1:45 PM

Well, in this article, we would like to share and define how the tear has its scientific fact. All of us know that the tears are coming to our life from the very first time. Since we were born, people already cried which make the tears come out from our eyes. Tears are very important for human life. Firstly, the reason why the tears can come out is because of its function. Tears can moist our eyes ball and contain of protein which disinfection everything that can harm our eyes. For instance, when your eyes are being harmed by dust, the eyes will lure the tears come out so that the eyes will not scratched. But, the most important thing is the unique function of tear. Are you realizing that if you are in the sorrow situation, you will cry because of your psychological condition? Michael Trimble as the author of “Why Humans Like to Cry” tries to define that the emotional crying is very unique within human life.

Distinctive Tears

Firstly, you will know what is called by basal tears. This kind of tear help us to always moist our eyes, nourishing, and lubricating our eyes as well. It will be this kind of tear in every of human life as long as they live. This is the main tears which always come out to protect our eyes. Secondly, you will find what is called by reflex tears. This kind of tear tries to protect our eyes from the irritant as worst as the smoke and onion. That is why when we face the black smoke or cutting the onion, our eyes will be covered by tears when at the same time, the illness comes within our eyes. Of course, both of these tears above has distinctive chemical component as well.

Other Purpose of Tears

Some scientists try to develop the other purpose of tears as well. Instead of biologically function, the tear can also show that a human is on the sorrow or stress. For instance, a baby would cry loudly to attract the attention of their mom instead of speaking to her. This inability force the baby to use tears as a signal that he/she is on a bad condition. Another instance for sure such as how people cry because of experiencing bad moment as well. When he/she tries to tell us, they will cry for sure to depict the sorrow behind their story. This function is being defined by some scientists as the distress function from tear.

Or, perhaps, you might find two people who are arguing each other and one of them is crying. Well, this is the most unique function of tear as the fast mechanism for save relationship. When a couple tries to argue and fight the logic of each, the woman will cry and attract the attention of man. In that time, the man will be not going heat instead of hug the woman. This is the best part in how the tear works for human’s life.

The tear is drained into the small nasal cavity which will keep the excess of tear. Therefore, when you are in a bad psychology condition, the nasal cavity will draw up all of your tears as well as making your eyes wet of them. Perhaps, when you are crying, your nose will be run. This is because the excess of tear inside the lacrimal gland is also flowing to the nose. Therefore, your nose will be flown by tear. So, as explained before, the tears come up with very unique purpose and facts within the human body. This natural granted from human body is very useful as well as hiding the facts behind it.
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