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Choose the Right Basketball Shoes

Written By Denny Farhan on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | 9:07 PM

Sports might be one of the most common interests that you could find these days. There are various types of sports that you could choose these days from individual sports such as tennis or swimming to team sports such as football or soccer. One of the most popular team sports that you could find these days is basketball. You might find various popular basketball teams and basketball players these days. If you like to play basketball, it’s very important for you to choose the right basketball shoes so that you could play this game in better way. Choosing the right basketball shoes might require you to consider several important aspects. This article will give you some advices about which type of basketball shoes that you should choose so that you could get the best benefits.

These days, you could find various types of basketball shoes that are available on the market with various choices of brand name, design, features, or even materials. However, to get the best basketball shoes, you might need to consider your play style and other important factors. The first thing that you need to consider when you want to buy basketball shoes is your budget. The price of basketball shoes may vary depends on its brand name, materials, design, or even its size. Establishing proper budget before you decide to buy basketball shoes might help you in finding the basketball shoes that you need more effectively. Once you established your budget, try to find basketball shoes with price that is fit perfectly with your budget without ignoring the quality of the shoes. Other important thing to be considered is your position in a team. Different person might need different type of basketball shoes. For example, if your position is center, you need basketball shoes that could provide good traction and good ankle support while if your position is guard, you should choose basketball shoes that is lighter and could provide good agility and speed instead.

Other important thing to be considered when you want to buy basketball shoes is the performance of the shoes. When choosing basketball shoes, you should focus on performance over looks. Looking good with well designed basketball shoes on the field might be cool. But you need to find shoes that could boost up your performance effectively. When talking about the design of the shoes, basically you have two major options, low cuts basketball shoes and high top basketball shoes. Low cuts basketball shoes might provide better speed and agility but quite poor in ankle support. On the other hand, high top basketball shoes offer great ankle support but doesn’t support agility or speed properly.

How to Do Exercise without Injuries

Medical experts always say that exercise regularly is good for our health. It can make our body fresh, strengthen, and accelerate our metabolism. Some people become so enthusiastic to do exercise. The problem is they don’t know how to exercise without injuries. This lack of knowledge about good and ideal exercise leads them to bad injuries such as knee problem, kneecap dislocation, wrist sprains, shoulder damage, and etc. To avoid those injuries, let’s take a look to the precautions below.

Body limit
Everybody has her or his own limitation. Before you start, know your body limit. People who exercise regularly have good body endurance so they can do hard exercise. But how about the ones who never exercise before? Of course the condition is different. They can exercise but in slow rhythm such as jogging, swimming, and any other light workout.

Intense exercise
If you rarely do exercise, it will be better to start with the light one. Add the intensity if your body is already accustomed to this activity. Some people who want to get a good shape sometimes are not patience to increase their exercise that lead to bad injuries. Finally, they get traumatic state. Thus, don’t be so keen of doing exercise. Increase the intensity gradually.

Warming up
All kinds of exercise need warming up. Provide 10 minutes to do aerobic activity before starting exercise. This will prevent injuries, pump adequate blood to your muscle, and prepare your body for harder exercise. The usual injuries which happen if you exercise without warming up are strain, pain, and swelling in parts of body.

Foot wear
A suitable foot wear can make you safe from foot injuries especially if you practice running or jogging. Select the correct shoes size, not too small or big. Uncomfortable shoes might hurt your toes or heel. Choose the material of shoes which can absorb sweat. To support heel, ankle, and arch, use a sport shoes. Casual shoes are not proper for exercise.

When practicing, you will secrete much sweat that lead to dehydration. It can cause muscle damage and even unconsciousness. Bring a bottle of water with you to avoid it. Just drink plain water. When you feel so thirsty, stop the exercise, take time to rest, and supply some water to your body.

Before doing exercise activity, eat some food such as fruits to provide energy during workout. But remember don’t too much since it will trigger stomach cramp. Thus, prevent your body from damage injuries by doing those tips.

Popularity of Online Education

It is sure that many people today share the same opinion about the education which is very important for their life today and in the future. The education will not only be used by people who take the higher education program for instance because it will also influence other people surrounds them. With better education, there will be better life which can be found in the future. Many people think that education will only influence their future life which is associated with the job finding. However, education can be more than just support for getting better job. Better education will also influence their way of life and their mindset. It means that even when people have good job, they still can pursue their higher education. However, there are some challenges which they have to face for pursuing higher education especially when they also have to work.

It will be difficult for them to take the regular classroom which very specific schedule because they cannot leave their job anytime they want just for attending the class. The offer of online education with e-learning method becomes the alternative option which can solve their problem. Online education becomes more and more popular among people because there are some great advantages offered by this education method. Technology which is used for supporting the education especially internet technology of course will be very familiar for many people. The great advantage which is provided by online education with technology support is the limitation of time which can be overcame with the e-learning support. People can be very busy with their work somewhere and they can break a while for studying without having to attend the classroom. Sometimes people have to make priority but at least they do not have to waste time on the road.

If people have problem with budget for taking higher education, they will find that this will not be great problem with e-learning. People can choose the sites which offer the suitable budget for their pocket. E-learning makes people able to reach more affordable higher studies. Of course people understand that different people will need different methods of teaching. People will not find this support when attending classroom with certain amount of students. It is also possible for people to club different e-learning program especially for comprehensive education. People will be able to discuss certain subject with different implementation all around the world. Yes, it is possible for them to make discussion group from all over the world.

The Acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger by Facebook

Internet is one of the most important inventions that apparently changes the way people do various things. Communication or social interaction is one of the things affected by the involvement of internet in our daily life. The combination of internet with mobile gadgets made more possibilities to connect with more people at any locations. Mobile messaging is one of the popular communication choices that the gadget users can choose several applications; WhatsApp Messenger is one of the common applications that can provide mobile messaging solutions. Its versatility as well as its available features made the common online messenger like Facebook messenger lika an old messaging tool. It is probably one of the reasons that made Facebook really want to acquire WhatsApp Messenger’s ownership.

Practically; WhatsApp Messenger is like any other messenger application that the users can exchange texts messages as well as multimedia messages like photos and videos. WhatsApp Messenger offers the private and group chat as part of its versatile features; it is like a platform of instant messaging installed on mobile phones. Its main advantage is the fact that the user can have text and multimedia messaging solutions without have to pay the SMS or MMS fees to the mobile phone carrier as long as the user is having internet connection. Another advantage offered by WhatsApp Messenger is its cross platform ability; the messaging application can connect Android, BlackBerry, Windows and any other mobile phone platforms to each other.

WhatsApp Messenger’s versatility in providing cross platform messaging solution is probably one of the reasons that made Facebook willing to pay about $16 billion to acquire the messenger application. It was announced that there has been an agreement by Facebook to acquire WhatsApp in Februari 19, 2014. WhatsApp Messenger is practically the leader of mobile messenger application with more than 450 million users worldwide.

Apparently; Facebook was willing to acquire WhatsApp with that price due to the plan to provide more connectivity as well as utility for the internet users in the future. The efficient and affordable connectivity and utility services are the points that being the targets of Facebook in the near future. One of the other theories about the acquisition is the plan of Facebook to provide private data sharing rather than the present social and public services provided for the Facebook users. The new messaging application connected to the present Facebook application is probably something that most people will anticipate.

Tips to Get Out from Your Debt

Written By Denny Farhan on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 | 10:30 AM


Money is very important for all people. People will need money because people will need to buy all things with their money. When they are lack of money then they will not be able to get all things that they want. It is so dangerous when you don’t have money and you have lots of bills to pay. Most people prefer to lend money from some money lenders or banks. Unfortunately sometime they can’t pay their debt on time. It means they must pay higher interest for their debt. Most people with big debt always have a dream to get out from their debt. For all of you who have a same dream too because you are in the same problem, you can do some tips below to get out from your debt.

First you should not add your debt. It means you need to stop the flow of your debt first. If you use credit card, it is good to stop using credit card for certain time. For all of you who use more than one credit card, you should cut the use of your credit card for certain time. You also need to stop using department store cards, gas cards, and some other cards. You can use your credit card only for emergency thing only. When you can control your credit card and some other cards then you can control your debt too.

Second, for all of you who want to get out from your debt, you need to categorize spending every day. Some people can’t manage their debt because they always buy all things every day although they don’t really need the thing. That is why you need to categorize what thing that you should have and like to have. Some things must haves such as medicine, foods, pet food and some other things. Things you should haves are gym memberships, new clothes and some other things. Some things like to have are newspaper, magazine subscriptions, coffee and other things. When you can categorize the most important thing and the less important thing then you can manage your outcome that will influence your debt too.

Third, the most important step to get out from your debt is by starting to pay your debt. When you never pay your debt then you will never be able to be free from your debt. Cut your outcome and always pay your debt will make you free from your big debt.

Tips on Having Safe Financial Condition for 2014

The year is still quite new; it is not a mistake to start improving your financial condition. Last year is quite difficult for many people. They get financial problems and must be on an unpromising credit in order to keep alive. However, in this New Year, you can start anew and have better financial condition. In order to help you achieve your goal this year, we have some financial tips that will make you feel safe.

In order to have a safe financial condition, you must have enough saving. A first step to save your money is that by shop smartly. Before you hit the supermarket, you must make a list of what you need. Stick to it and don’t be tempted to shop for something on sale. Therefore, you will not spend extra money on something that is not useful.

Another thing you must do is that having a financial resolution. Make a target on what you must do this year. For example, you commit yourself on saving a certain amount of money a month. Another example is that paying off your debt one by one. Write your resolutions and put it on something that you can see every day.

For your emergency financial need, you must have an online savings account. This kind of saving has no investment risk. Therefore, it is safe for you who have no idea about investment. It is because this savings are insured by FDIC. Most importantly, you can get a return from the money you save. When you need money, you can access it anytime you need some extra cash. To start this savings account, you can begin with small amount of money.

Another thing that you must do this year is that paying off your credit card debt. In paying it off, you must start with the one that has higher credit interest rate. Paying off those with 12 or 22 percent rate will give you an advantage. It will make you have strong credit profile so that you will be offered with single digit credit interest rate.

To save more money this year, you must replace your insurance with one that has lower rate and premium. Insurance rate are changing from time to time. Many insurance companies lower the rates to attract consumers therefore you must get lower rate insurance. In consequence, you will be able to save more money. There are some things that will lower your premium; one of them is that by having saving account. Therefore, start savings before you replace your old insurance.

How to Use Google Trend to Find the Most trend Topic

When you are a student, researcher, or just a blogger, you must be known that search engine is handled the most important thing for your reading, or knowledge. From search engine, we can get much information about the most trending topic in the time and get enough reference for your knowledge and your research. The search engine such as Google has listed their most trending topic that most downloaded and searched by people who use this search engine. By this new feature of Google Trends, you can get the most trending topic in the time.

In Google Trend, you can get the most hot news and topic and it is unlimited, you can view and search for your specific search or viewing the global area to find it. When you are exploring this Google trends, you can see the terms that popular for the certain time. This will get you some information that becomes the latest trends and makes you become the up to dated person who get the most trend topic talks. You can see the terms that related to business, entertainment (movies, music, artist, and many more), life style, nature and science, fashion news, shopping, sports, travelling, holiday, and leisure time.

With the simple search, you can get the graphic that will look out for your search time for the volume, the regional search interest, and similar terms that searched. With the graphic comparison, you may also available for comparing the most similar trends and find which one that the most trends looking for in the search engine by the device use whether it has been searched from ios, android, windows phone, blackberry and other device. Google as like as trend barometer that will measure the human interest that use this search engine and with the updated list, you can see the list that proportionally divide and appears in the search engine by the category listed.

The Google Trends is very useful when you are looking for the most searching breaking news, culture and art phenomena, seasonal holiday and travelling, business and world news, conflict global, and many more. With the advanced technology system of Google Trends Chart, you can see the weekly list for the trending topics in the search engine. Make Google Trends as your reference for the newest and hot information. There are no other search engines that provide the most valuable information as Google Trends Chart.

Breastfed Babies Appear Smarter than Other without It

Cause to baby breastfeeding is getting really popular and more moms are suggested to do it. Senior citizens have known that breastfed babies appear healthier and smarter compared to ones without it. However, they don’t know why it happened that way. The question revolving around is there something special in the milk or psychologically speaking, the motherhood value of mom makes it grow smarter? What’s wrong with today’s formula milk? They even add a lot of complementary beneficial vitamins.

Study in Brigham Young University found out that parenting skills contribute to the development of child’s cognitive. It has nothing to do with the milk, but more to the parent’s sensitivity towards her baby’s emotional cues. Optimal cognitive boost is effectively done by responding to child’s emotional cues quickly and reading to them since the age of 9 months. Breastfeeding mothers tend to do these parenting skills rather than the one who is not. Responding to child’s emotional cues is important to follow their development and meet their cognitive requirement. Breastfeeding mothers tend to be more sensitive on the matter, so the child is often given proper early education.

The research which was conducted by Ben Gibbs and Renata Foste involved 7,500 mothers and their children. It monitored the children since they were born until age of 5 years. The data observed the time when mother started reading to their children and how the children do challenging task then. This research also observed how supportive and sensitive the breastfeeding moms were. Child development expert, Sandra Jacobson said, the result showed that the children who were breastfed for 6 month and longer doing better reading performance. It also proved how sensitive the breastfeeding moms to reading to children activity at once.

Gibbs and Froste also discovered that reading to children starting the age of 9 months contribute to significant reading readiness at the age of 4 years. This reading readiness doesn’t have any direct relation with breastfed milk composition, breastfeeding activity and sensitivity towards emotional cues. Reading readiness is solely provoked by reading to children activity. However, such activity is mostly done by breastfeeding moms who tend to choose spending her quality time with the children. Sensitivity and support build the emotional and positive relations between mom and children, which is good for their emotional development. It’s also sensitive mom who tends to find out that reading to children is important. Working mom who spends less time in home was proved to being unable to provide such exclusiveness.

NASA’s Kepler Mission Introduces 715 New Worlds

Good news for us, NASA’s Kepler Mission just announces 715 new bona fide worlds. These just verified planets were discovered orbiting 305 stars in total. Most of them appear larger than the Earth with 95% of planets are about four times the size of Earth and smaller than Neptune. The discovery of these planets adds the previous number of new planets. The size of them is relatively closer to earth and appear as small-sized planets in the entire galaxy. Whether they are potentially habitable or not are still under research. However, some planets show potentially bonanza for resources and science.

The discovery and verification process of new planets have shown significant development since two decades ago. Before, verification was done one by one (planet by planet) to identify whether it’s planet or star. It’s a time waste method, by which the research team needed years to identify just one planet. Now, they use multi-planets verification system, a statistical technique to identify many planets at once. A research team co-led by planetary scientist of NASA, Jack Lissauer has done the method since the first two years of doing Kepler’s mission from May 2009 to March 2011.

Multi-planets verification system is done based on logic of probability. They detect the probability of the objects being planet or stars. To find 715 new planets, the team detected 150,000 stars. They didn’t observe all the stars, but picking hundreds of them with potential and put them as planet candidates. The verification was drawn by observing these planet candidates then. This multi-planets verification wasn’t done in instance anyway. The team was first trying hundreds planet candidates four years ago, then increasing the number over time up to thousands, and hundred thousands of them. Lissauer and team aspire to keep widening the range of multiple observations. This method is actually really familiar with our life. It was once adopted to find out which one the lion and the lioness is between two lions as well.

Kepler-296f, one of the 715 planets was verified to be potentially habitable planet. It orbits a star which sizes half of our sun and 5 percent as bright as it. While it is surrounded by vast and deep oceans, it has problem with the thick hydrogen and helium. Further research is needed, but at least the discovery brings the current total amount of nearly 1,700 of planets outside our solar system. More discoveries emphasize our position in the universe and within smaller scale, galaxy.

Security Considerations for the Facebook Users

Social networking sites are among the most popular things in the recent internet communities; there are more people using social networking applications and doing various activities to interact with the other members. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites with so many users all around the world. As a matter of fact; every online activity is delivering risks for the user. The social networking activities on Facebook are also delivering some risks like the possibility for other user to steal the account and identity of a Facebook user. There are several security considerations that can be very useful for every Facebook user to stay safe while doing the social networking activities.

One of the most important considerations for the Facebook user to stay safe while doing the social networking activities is carefully choosing friends. It is important to think about the other users to add as well as in approving the incoming friend requests. It is recommended to add and approve real friends, but it is also possible to add or approve new people in order meeting new people on Facebook as long as the new friends are trusted people. Friends on Facebook can access information like the location of a Facebook user, address as well as other personal background information.

It is recommended to check and manage the privacy setting of the Facebook account; it is possible to limit the shared information rather than share all of the information publicly. There might be necessary adjustment from the default privacy setting to be safer and secure while doing the social networking activities. It is possible to share the activities information only with certain people on the friend list. The personalized profile and privacy setting may reduce the risk since less information is revealed to the other Facebook users.

Password is practically the most important security items that require careful management. It is important to manage the password information update as well as the chosen security questions. The combination or regular password update and the secure primary email to store the password update information can prevent other users to steal the password information or break into the account. Another important consideration is the sign in locations and devices; it is recommended to only sign in from private devices to reduce the risk of other people steal the email and password combination with the use of key-logger applications. Phishing attack to reset the password is another important thing to consider; it is recommended not to open unknown links sent by other especially unknown user.
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